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Residential and Commercial Masonry in Newton, MA

Chimneys and Fireplaces

We Bring Visions to Life

Bostonian Brickworks is one of the most experienced residential and commercial masonry companies in Newton, Ma. We are locally owned and operated and have renewed the style and function of structures for over 35 years. We provide masonry repair, restoration, stone and brickwork, and maintenance with the highest level of excellence. From detailed historical renovations to residential repairs, you can rely on our team to complete your masonry project at reasonable prices and within your preferred timeline.

brickwork constructed on a steps

Providing Beautiful and Dependable Structures

Whether you want to improve your home or your building’s aesthetics or efficiency, our team has the skills and equipment to do the job. Our seasoned team handles all aspects of masonry and completes small- and large-scale projects. We have over three decades of experience enhancing masonry work for private residences, multi-story buildings, historical sites, and beyond. When it comes to restoring stone, brick, concrete, and mortar, we’ll make your structure stand firmly for years.

a pathway made of bricks

A Fully Licensed and Insured Team

Bostonian Brickworks is licensed and insured to provide quality masonry for residential and commercial buildings. We follow strict safety protocols and guidelines during every project to protect our professionals and those who inhabit your structure. After completing your project, we will clean up the job site, leaving it spotless and ready for you to use and enjoy. Your structure’s safety and security are among our top priorities.