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Transforming landscapes and adding value to properties, that’s what hardscaping is all about. And when it comes to high-quality hardscaping services in Chestnut Hill, MA, Bostonian Brickworks is a name you can trust.

Stellar Hardscaping Services

Our hardscaping services are designed to enhance your outdoor spaces. We offer a wide range of materials, from classic brick to modern stone, ensuring we meet your aesthetic preferences. With an array of design options, we can create patios, walkways, retaining walls, and other structures that blend seamlessly with your property’s architecture.

Bostonian Brickworks isn’t just another contractor. We have deep roots in the Chestnut Hill area, with a portfolio of notable local projects under our belt. Our team of experienced and qualified contractors delivers unparalleled attention to detail and quality workmanship.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach. We work closely with you, transforming your vision into a tangible, beautiful reality. Whether it’s a small backyard project or a large-scale landscape transformation, we ensure your satisfaction at every step.

At Bostonian Brickworks, we’re committed to excellence. We don’t just build hardscapes; we create lasting impressions. Choose us for your hardscaping needs and experience the difference we bring to your property. For more information about our services, reach out to us today through our contact page.

back yard hardscaping

Hardscape and Design

Bostonian Brickworks has over 35 years of experience in making your project stand out from the crowd with custom exterior stone and brickwork to natural stones, brick, and veneer to create a custom outside kitchen, patio, or retaining wall. Bostonian Brickworks has the experience to create your exterior projects. To maintain this level of workmanship and customer service, we only use the highest quality material. Your exterior project will stand the test of time both in function and appearance.

a floor of bricks outside house

Why Choose Us

With Bostonian Brickworks, customers don’t need to hire multiple contractors for jobs that a single team can do. Our team has over three decades of experience fulfilling landscape and hardscape projects in-house. We are a single point of contact from beginning to end. We use our skills in landscapes, hardscapes, and masonry to build outdoor spaces that home and property owners will enjoy for years.  Here’s what we provide homes and businesses:

  • High-quality services at competitive price points.
  • A licensed Construction Superintendent on-site at all times.
  • Fully insured services to protect you and your property.
a pathway made of bricks

Our Materials

Whether your style is rustic, modern, or somewhere in between, our team will bring your vision to life. We build walkways, walls, and structures using many materials daily. From the smoothness and convenience of tiles to earthen stones, the materials used will breathe life into your outdoor space and give it a unique character. Our team installs and maintains the following materials daily:

  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Cobblestone

Hardscaping Services We Offer

Stone Walls

Stone walls provide privacy and give your grounds dimension. We can customize your stone wall to your preferred shape, size, texture, and color. Stone walls are a built-to-last solution for your outdoor space.

Walkways and Paths

Each walkway, step, and path are carefully placed and stabilized. We develop your walkway layouts to work with and connect with the rest of your property. We'll provide your home or business with a clear path that is safe and convenient to walk on.


Each step is carefully selected, placed, and stabilized. Glide through your garden path, sniff your newly planted flowers, or easily get to and from your patio and deck.


Planters can be designed with many materials and style options. We can help you select planter sets that will display your plant life and match well with your outdoor space's style elements. We offer a wide range of planter shapes and sizes to fit any type of plant.

Quality You Can Count On