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Masonry for Foundations

Bostonian Brickworks provides masonry for foundations in Newton, MA to ensure that structures are strong and resistant. As experienced professionals with over 30 years on the job, we provide cutting-edge equipment and unmatched skills to small- and large-scale projects. We are a locally owned and operated company of masons who take pride in and are genuinely passionate about our craft. Our team exceeds the highest standards of excellence for home and business owners. Whether you need a new or restored foundation for a residential, commercial, or historical, we will provide exceptional results.

brickwork constructed on a step and pathway

Reliable Support for Your Building or Home

Our team handles every aspect of residential and commercial masonry, and structural foundation services are among our main areas of expertise. Before beginning your service, we will carefully evaluate your property layout. Surveying your property’s size and dimension allows us to devise a strategy for your repair, installation, or restoration. The job begins with the craftspeople and industry professionals to do it right. We provide the following:

  • A free estimate and competitive prices.
  • Full insurance, licensing, and bonding.
  • Quality control and guidance from an on-site Construction Superintendent.
  • A team with over 20 years in the masonry industry.
  • Outstanding quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Do I Need a New Foundation?

If you notice cracks and breaks in your foundation, we recommend contacting the professionals at Bostonian Brickworks for an inspection. Often, cracks look worse than they are and can be repaired easily. However, they can also indicate that there’s a more significant problem that will progress if it’s ignored. Cracks in your foundation are just a few signs that your foundation needs to be restored. Here are some others:

Uneven Windows and Doors

Are you having difficulty opening and closing your windows? Does your door get stuck to the floor and doesn't close like it used to? You may have a foundation issue. Changes in your foundation can also affect your windows and doors by dislodging them so they can't fit their frame.

Unbalanced Flooring

Walking on sagging, slanted, or uneven floors is annoying and worrisome. A deteriorating foundation can cause floorboards and tiles to shift and loosen. We recommend using a tape measurer to determine if your floor is off-balanced. Bostonian Brickworks will provide a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the problem.

Unstable Chimney

This sign may surprise some people, but if your chimney is leaning or shifting, you should have your foundation inspected. This is especially true for structures where the chimney was built with the home. Chimneys constructed after the home may also have a separate foundation we can inspect.

Safe and Responsible Masonry Masters

Your old or worn foundation can destabilize or collapse your entire structure if left untreated. Our team will assess it and determine what services are necessary. When installing a new foundation or repairing an existing one, we evaluate a property’s layout and land and see if factors like soil erosion and moisture contribute to the problem. Inspecting your foundation and the elements that influence its quality enables us to devise a plan to restore your structure’s safety. Your foundation project will be completed by our trained, certified, and responsible team that adheres to the strictest safety and quality standards within the industry.

Quality You Can Count On