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Chimney and Fireplace Masonry

Bostonian Brickworks is the premier source for chimney and fireplace masonry in Newton, MA. We are a seasoned team of masonry professionals and one of the area’s most experienced contractors. We specialize in all chimney masonry services, from mortar and brick repair to everything in between. Whether you need a minor or significant repair, you can depend on us to meet the highest standards of excellence.

chimney of a house

What We Do

We provide chimney design, repair, restoration, and installations for many properties. From historic buildings and commercial properties to private residences, we’ve made countless buildings safer and more comfortable. We achieve this by providing:

  • An experienced staff with 20 years of experience in the masonry industry.
  • A licensed Construction Superintendent overseeing your project.
  • Full licensing and insurance.

Chimney and Fireplace Restoration

You may need a complete restoration when your chimney or fireplace gets too old, has been neglected, or is in significant disrepair. We have years of experience performing restoration for historic buildings and landmarks. We can restore chimneys that are 100 years old or older and return them to their original glory. Our team handles fragile chimney work carefully and renews their appearance and function.

Chimney and Fireplace Repair

If you see your chimney’s bricks have shifted or the mortar is falling apart, we encourage you to have it inspected. We handle all aspects of masonry repair. We’ve fulfilled repairs for structures of all sizes and scopes, from multi-floor buildings to single-level homes. Our team will fix your chimney or fireplace and ensure it operates safely and efficiently again.

Does My Chimney Need a Repair?

Smoke lingering in your home instead of escaping outside. Bricks rolling down your roof and onto the ground. Strange particles drifting from the chimney to the floor. These are all signs that your chimney or fireplace could use a repair or restoration. Some signs of disrepair are easy to detect, while others are more difficult. Please contact Bostonian Brickworks for an inspection if you notice one or more of the following.

Worn Mortar

Fortunately, weathered and broken-down mortar is easy to see. Mortar holds bricks in place and naturally dissolves over time, which can result in bricks falling out of place and structural instability.

Dislodged Bricks

We recommend contacting Bostonian Brickworks immediately if you see bricks shifting or falling out of their socket. If many bricks have fallen, your chimney's structure has been compromised.


Shaling is the process of chimney tiles falling out of place. If your chimney is shaling, you'll likely see the pieces collecting on your fireplace floor. Shaling poses a safety threat and should be corrected as soon as possible.


Cracking, breaks, and holes within your chimney construction materials can occur for many reasons. They are indicative of old age and common wear and tear. Please schedule an inspection so we can assess the extent of your chimney or fireplace damage.

Malfunctioning Fireplace

If you notice more smoke buildup than usual or your fireplace refuses to start up, your masonry may have a problem. It's possible that your chimney or fireplace needs to be cleaned, but it always helps to have a mason inspect them to see if there's a more significant issue.

Hire Our Professionals for Your Repair

Attempting a repair yourself can cause poor results and dangerous consequences. Trusting an untrained or unprepared team for your repair or restoration will do more harm than good. Broken chimneys and fireplaces cause many safety hazards, like fire, smoke, and carbon leaks. Trust the team at Bostonian Brickworks for your needs. We’ll provide you with the most qualified team and a licensed Construction Superintendent overseeing your project.

Quality You Can Count On