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Quality Masonry Repair for Structures

Bostonian Brickworks is a locally owned and operated masonry repair company in Newton, MA that’s provided top quality services for over 35 years. You can rely on us for a job done right each time within your budget and timeline. Our team achieves the highest level of excellence for every service provided. From your consultation to completing your mason work, we’ll provide exceptional craftsmanship and customer service.

mason working

A Fully Licensed and Insured Team

Masonry is a specialized form of construction that supports structures and keeps them safe. At its best, mason work lasts for decades, offers a wide range of design possibilities, and adds value to structures. It also protects your structure from outside elements. You want trusted and reputable stonemasons like Bostonian Brickworks if you want to keep your structure and those you care about safe and secure. We will provide you with:

  • A consultation and a free estimate before starting your project.
  • A wide range of masonry construction, repairs, and restoration services.
  • An on-site Construction Superintendent overseeing every aspect of your service.
final masonry wall constructed

Our Services

Quality mason work is essential to almost every structure, from residential homes to skyscrapers. At Bostonian Brickworks, we provide the years of experience, knowledge, and skills to build a firm foundation for your structures. Our services include:

  • Repair: Over time, cracks and breaks in your mason work will occur. Our team provides high-quality patching, replacement, and complete rebuilds, so your stonework returns to a like-new appearance and function.
  • Restoration: If your stonework has suffered significantly from old age, neglect, and deterioration, you may need a complete restorative service. We have years of experience renovating and restoring stonework for historic sites and attractions.
  • Construction Masonry: You need top-quality masonry if you want your upcoming construction project to succeed. We provide quality tools and craftsmanship for small- and large-scale builds.

Does My Masonry Work Need Restoring?

Luckily, signs that your mason work needs repairing or restoration are usually apparent. If you see one or more of the following damages to your foundation, chimneys, or stone structures, reach out to us for an inspection:

Cracks and Chips

Minor cracking, chipping, and breaks may not seem like a big deal, but they can let water and moisture into your structure if ignored.

Loosened Bricks

Water can leak behind your brickwork and freeze. The friction caused by a freeze can push bricks out of place or loosen them.

Compact Bricks

Pressure can deteriorate bricks and contort and misshape them. When this happens, the bricks can crack, making your structure vulnerable to the elements.

Decaying Mortar

Mortar bonds mason work together. If your mortar is dissolving or decaying, your entire property could be in danger.

Serving Homes and Businesses of All Kinds

From historical buildings and skyscrapers to new homes and beyond, you can count on us for your needs. The team at Bostonian Brickworks can quickly accomplish your mason and mortar services, regardless of your structure’s size or scope. We provide the latest tools, techniques, and determined professionals for every job. We will inspect your masonry work to size up the issue and plan to repair it. We are your source for outstanding masonry services.

Quality You Can Count On