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Bostonian Brickworks is the most experienced and skilled historical masonry company in Newton, MA. We help historical sites recover from deterioration and collapse. We make modern updates required by state laws or regulations to ensure your building is up to code. Our teams improve your sites while preserving its history and integrity. We are equipped with the tools and knowledge to restore centuries-old structures.

stone chimney inside a house

Tackling the Most Complex Restorations

We understand the complexities of historic restoration and renovation masonry company. We meticulously preserve aspects that make a historical site iconic and make it suitable for present and future generations to explore and enjoy. We guarantee the following for every historical restoration project:

  • Unmatched craftsmanship quality at reasonable prices.
  • A complete historical masonry team with over 20 years of experience.
  • A licensed Construction Superintendent overseeing our service.
  • Insured services.
  • A design consultation and free estimate.
  • A wide range of construction, masonry repair, and restoration services.

Our Services

At Bostonian Brickworks, we learn everything about your structure pertaining to its masonry work, which informs how we fulfill your restoration or renovation. We require a complete understanding of your structure’s layout and historical significance. We stay updated on laws and regulations regarding historical restoration and learn about past renovations. Our comprehensive process involves the following:


We fix and update your building's brick, stone, concrete, and mortar work that's suffered from wear and old age.


If your building is missing bricks or stones, we will replace them with historically accurate (or acceptable) materials.


Our team carefully analyzes your building's mortar, so we can restore it or apply new mortar that matches the original.


If small segments of your masonry are damaged, we will use a patching technique that matches the original work seamlessly.

historic renovation

Bostonian Brickworks Respects Historic Buildings

Bostonian Brickworks preserves the details, components, and elements that make your building significant, and we ensure that is equipped to meet modern demands. With our thorough masonry repairs and maintenance, we will ensure the building is prepared to welcome, educate, and benefit future generations.

Quality You Can Count On