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Providing Quality Workmanship in Newton, MA

For over 35 years, Bostonian Brickworks has provided quality brickwork from patios and walkways to stone walls & chimneys. We can make your home, business, or landscaping project stand out from the crowd.

stone constructed seats

Brick and Stonework

Builders rely on brick and stonework to construct simple and complex structures every day. Brick and stone are versatile and can create anything from walls, walkways, foundations, and more.

brickwork constructed on a step and pathway


Stonework provides the same durability and functionality as brick with a rustic appearance. Unlike brick, Stonework is unrefined and retains its natural character. However, they can be sculpted and customized to your preferred shape and size.

What Can I Build With Bricks?

Bricks are long-lasting and can be used to construct and support almost any structure. Here are a few ideas about how to use brickwork. Contact us for a consultation and a free estimate for your block structure.


Build your home or building's walls, or a privacy wall in your backyard, with durable brickwork.

Retaining Walls

Prevent soil erosion and flooding with a brick retaining wall that keeps your property safe.


Construct a solid, lasting foundation for your home or building that supports your daily life.

Patios and Walkways

Welcome your guests and loved ones with elegant brickwork that enhances your outdoor spaces and landscaping.

Outstanding Local Stone and Brickwork

Our team is passionate and loves their craft, and they enjoy providing the tools, skills, and strategies needed to enhance properties. Whether you need brickwork for your home or a building, you can rely Bostonian Brickworks to make it a safer, stronger place to inhabit. We are a responsible, fully insured and bonded team. A licensed construction superintendent will be on site from beginning to end, ensuring your service is fulfilled the right way.

Quality You Can Count On